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  • Aggressor Not Welcomed!

    Georgia Stands with Ukraine! Nowadays, the aggressor country Russia, lead by its’ president Putin, implements full scale war against peaceful Ukraine. Georgia has more than 20% of its’ territory occupied by Russia (Abkhazia in 1993 and South Ossetia/Samachablo in 2008). We know the result of Russian aggression, throughout our history, very well. Explore Georgia - DMC and Incoming Tour Operator does not operate with Russian Tour Operators, Travel Agencies or FITs ever since it was founded in 2004. Our principle is simple – we can not welcome the guests of the country, that does not respect the sovereignty of neighboring countries. War lead by Russia in Ukraine has united the whole world against the aggressor. We believe, that only united we can bring peace and justice to the world. The unbelievable aggression of Russia must be stopped! In 1993 and 2008 Russia has occupied part of Georgian territory, its historical land. Now we face the same attempt in Ukraine. We can see that the will of the Putins’ regime can and definitely will go farther - Poland, Baltic states, the whole Europe, if not stopped now. By refusing working with Russian visitors, we denied any economical profit, launched to European, American, Eastern markets and big thank you to all our partners all over the world for the great support. We call all our friends, partners to join in solidarity - refusing to work with Russian market, enable the aggressor country to strengthen its’s economy through hospitality industry. Слава Україні! Glory to its’ brave people! Glory to Georgia! Join us!

  • New Year in Georgia

    Georgians are distinguished by ancient cultural characteristics and it is noteworthy, that New Year is a very precious holiday in Georgia. In any part of the country you can notice the festive mood and anticipation for this great holiday. Here is a list of the most authentic traditions: Culinary & Celebrating New Year's dishes play an important role in celebrating the event. ‘’ Supra’’, as locals call festive table is full of traditional Georgian food, such as appetizers mixed with spices, hot meat dishes and various pastries. For the main dish, you’ll find ‘’Satsivi’’, a fried turkey dish served in walnuts sauce. And finally, roasted nuts in honey, ‘’Gozinaki’’ which symbolizes sweet arrival of the New Year in every family. ‘’Tamada’’-toastmaster is in charge of leading this event, offers traditional toasts to invited guests and serves sparkling wine or any other type of alcohol. Usually, evening is accompanied by folk dances and songs to create much more national sense for celebration. Decoration The tradition of decorating Christmas pine tree, Georgians started from the 18th century. Before time Georgians were decorating Chichilaki, a mens craft. Before New Year eve, a man cuts hazelnut tree branches and put them in the water. Then they are dried in front of a stove. It is repeatedly shaved with special knife all around and curly fronds attached at the top. It is more environmentally friendly than standard Christmas tree, as it is made only from pruned branches, leaving the hazelnut trees healthy and intact. Chichilaki is a symbol of sun and is identified with the tree of life. 'Mekvle' The most important tradition of a New Year in Georgia is Mekvleoba and Mekvle – a Georgian word for the very first person, very first guest entering the family on a New Year’s night. There are numerous traditions of how to greet Mekvle – there are even special poems, songs and behavior of greeting. It is believed that the entire year’s luck, fortune, joy of the family, is depended on the kind-heartlessness of the Mekvle.

  • Top 3 Winter Destinations in Georgia waiting for you to be explored

    Winter is just around the corner. If you are thirsty for some healthy activities, mixed with temptations for gourmands and just a relaxed, joyful time – Georgia should be on your list. #3 - Mt. Kazbek 5058m. If you are interested in ski touring and ski mountaineering Mt. Kazbeg is the best choice you can make while visiting Georgia. Skiing season – January – March Highlights – Betlemi Hut 3691m, Stepantsminda, Gergeti Trinity Church 14th century, Gergeti glacier, Mt. Ortsveri 4258m Activities – ski mountaineering, off-piste skiing, heli-skiing Trips to Mt. Kazbek: Mountain of Prometheus; Ski Touring to Mt.Kazbek #2 - Gudauri Opened in the late 1980’s, Gudauri ski resort is the most popular winter destination for many travelers all around the world. Amazing views of high mountains, nice hotels, distance from Tbilisi(120km) – and that’s not the full list of advantages while choosing Gudauri! Skiing season: January – March Distance from Tbilisi: 120km/2.5-3hrs Highlights: Gudauri Ski Resort, Georgian Military Highway, Cross Pass 2379m, Lomisa 9-10 century monastery, Mt. Bidara 3200m, Mt. Deda Ena 3493m Available Activities: Skiing, off-piste skiing, mountaineering, ski touring, heli-skiing & snowshoeing Trips to Gudauri: Ski Touring; Heli Skiing #1 - Svaneti Located in the Northwest of Georgia, Svaneti region is one of the most interesting places you can visit in winter. High Caucasus mountains, old culture, authentic cuisine that’s not all you can explore in this beautiful part of Georgia. Skiing season – January – March Distance from Tbilisi: 470km/7-8hrs Distance from Kutaisi: 220km/4-5hrs Highlights: Tetnuldi Ski Resort, Hatsvali Ski Resort, Mestia, Ushguli (UNESCO), middle aged watchtowers, Kubdari, Mt. Ushba 4710m, Mt. Tetnuldi 4858m Activities: Skiing, snowshoeing, off-piste skiing, mountaineering, ski touring, heli-skiing Trips to Svaneti: Ski Touring; Trekking;

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  • Adventure | ExploreGeorgia

    Adventure Tours in Georgia Trekking Trekking 1/15 Hidden Trails of Georgia Trek Tusheti Region one the most remote part of Georgia with its preserved traditions, which will leave you with unforgettable pleasant memories! Best Season: From June to early September Trekking Distance: 80 km ~ 40hr Duration - 12 nights Elevation: 920 m up Details Trekking 1/6 Georgian Mountain Mystery Explore and feel the mountains of the great Caucasus located in regions Khevi and Svaneti. Experience untouched sceneries of tiny villages, hike to a beautiful land, snow-capped mountains and enjoy the breathtaking panorama Kakheti - Imereti Duration - 12 nights Food: 3 Meals Season Details Trekking 1/8 Towers of the Caucasus Add fairytale feeling to your trekking adventure by discovering 9th century medieval towers of Svaneti dotted around the villages, mesmerizing landscapes of still inhabited mountain villages, preserving unique self-identity, culture, customs etc… Kakheti - Imereti Duration - 12 nights Food: 3 Meals Season Details Mountaineering Mountaineering 1/10 Mountain of Prometheus The expedition style trip ascends to Mt. Kazbeg 5047 m. and explores all glory of its unique location. Similar ascent experience is compared to Mt. Mont Blanc 4808 m. and Mt. Monte-Rosa. 4634 m. Kakheti - Imereti Duration - 12 nights Food: 3 Meals Season Details Mountaineering 1/26 Chaokhi Mountains Mountain massif contains seven peaks with altitude from 3400 m. up to 3843 m. above the sea level and is an ideal playground for climbers of all abilities. Location offers climbs from II to VI+UIAA difficulties… Kakheti - Imereti Duration - 12 nights Food: 3 Meals Season Details Mountain Biking MTB 1/10 Mountain Bike through the Lesser Caucasus The legendary Caucasus Mountains are more than just beautiful to look at, they’re perfect for mountain biking. The lesser Caucasus stretching in the southern part of Georgia with velvety green landscapes is riding heaven for all mountain biking enthusiasts. Kakheti - Imereti Duration - 12 nights Food: 3 Meals Season Details MTB 1/9 Cycling the Hidden Trails Authentic trails which circle the whole Tusheti region challenges and attracts all types of riders, who enjoy with their bikes vast area of preserved national park full of amazing animals and birds… Kakheti - Imereti Duration - 12 nights Food: 3 Meals Season Details Ski Tour Ski Touring 1/12 Ski Tour in Gudauri Full of interesting slopes and off-piste skiing, offering 6-7 hours of amazing ski touring experience daily. Mostly taking place at the area of Mt. Kazbek 5047 m. Kakheti - Imereti Duration - 12 nights Food: 3 Meals Season Details Ski Touring 1/13 Ski Tour in Svaneti Recently, Svaneti became the ski resort every ski/board enthusiast dreamed of. With several interesting slopes resort offers routes for all kind of skiers. Above all, Svaneti is one of the most ecologically unspoiled regions. Ski touring inside such unexplored area provokes feeling of real explorer. Kakheti - Imereti Duration - 12 nights Food: 3 Meals Season Details Ski Touring 1/7 Heli Ski in Gudauri The vast wilderness, abundant snowfalls and exceptional ski terrain of the majestic Caucasus Mountains allow us to offer our guests a truly spectacular powder adventure. International safety standards with professional ski guides and first class helicopter ensure an unforgettable heli-skiing experience. Kakheti - Imereti Duration - 12 nights Food: 3 Meals Season Details Multi Muli 1/24 Gallop Through the Past The whole Tusheti region is a preserved national park full of amazing animals and birds, and exploring it’s every corner on horseback is pure happiness… Kakheti - Imereti Duration - 12 nights Food: 3 Meals Season Details Muli 1/12 Family Trip Experience a real adventure in Georgia with whole family. Excellent opportunities for horse-riding, fishing, rafting, trekking and wildlife viewing. Feel a part of a very special mountain environment. Kakheti - Imereti Duration - 12 nights Food: 3 Meals Season Details

  • Winding the Wine Road | ExploreGeorgia

    1/14 Tours Adventure Winding the wine road Winding the Wine Road Plan This Trip For Georgians, wine is a blessed liquid from ancient times. Georgians are proud of their viniculture that stretches back to the early Iron Age.. Of the 2000 varieties of wine in the world today, 500 are endemic to Georgia. Endeavour to become wine expert in new sorts! Overview Itinerary Regions: Tbilisi – Kakheti - Imereti Duration: 7 nights Food: Full Board Accommodation: Hotels Best Season: September, October Group Size: Not limited Travel: Bus/Minivan Main Activities: Wine tasting & viticulture Overview Overview Journey circles Kakheti province, east Georgia - the main wine producing region in the country. Within this tour exlore famous traditional and modern wineries and vineyards will be explored, tasting of different labels of Georgian wine will be offered and great opportunity will be provided to participate in wineproducing process. Be aware of Georgian toasts, they are numerous! But the most important and popular toasts are the toasts of peace, guests, friends, ladies, family members, relatives and motherland. Archaeological excavations have confirmed Georgia’s vast experience in agriculture and viticulture Grape seeds were found here from 5th millennium BC. Included Excluded Full Board All accommodation All domestic transfers Comfortable bus service Tour guide and assistant First Aid Kit Covid-19 Safety Kit Historical monuments entrance fees Wine Tastings Visa or Visa Fees Airfare Single Supplement Medical expenses and insurance Re-booking of hotels Special Meals Photographer Items of Personal Nature Extra Sites Items not mentioned in program and detailed itinerary Useful tips Accommodation: Hotel - 6 nights; Guesthouse 1 night Meals: BB/HB in Tbilisi and FB out of capital Activity type: Viniculture exploration Mode of travel: Bus/On Foot Tour Staff: Tour guide sommelier; Driver;

  • Along The Traces of Argonauts | ExploreGeorgia

    1/14 Tours Adventure Traces of Argonauts Along the Traces of Argonauts Plan This Trip The tour follows the route of legendary Greek Heroes - Argonauts, who found out about treasure the Golden Fleece kept in western part of Georgia historically referred to Colchis. Pursuing the steps of Argonauts all the secrets kept in this myth will be disclosed. Overview Itinerary Regions: Tbilisi – Mtskheta – Imereti – Svaneti Duration: 9 nights Food: Full Board Accommodation: Hotel & Guesthouse Best Season: From May to early October Group Size: Not limited Travel: Bus/Minivan Main Activities: Sightseeing/Medieval Culture Overview Overview Over these 10 days you will travel to western part of Georgia visiting all the famous sites of ancient Colchis connected culturally with Hellenistic world, mythical landscape of the Golden Fleece, Medea and King Aeetes. Strabo, Appian and other historians narrate this story with great inspiration, describing how the fleecy skins were used by Georgians in upper Svaneti to extract gold from the river. Tour starts with sightseeing of Tbilisi and continues to Mtskheta the UNESCO world heritage site. The route covers Imereti province a homeland of Colchis kingdom and famous Svaneti area with its high mountains, medieval towers and gold bearing rivers. Better to see it once with your own eyes then hear about it a hundred times! Included Excluded Half/Full Board upon request All accommodation All domestic transfers Comfortable bus service Entrance Fees & Local Guides Tour guide Mineral Water Covid-19 Safety Kit Airfare Visa or Visa Fees Insurance Special Meals Photographer Alcoholic drinks PCR Tests Useful tips Accommodation: Hotel – 9 nights, Meals: Program provides package service of HB or FB upon request Trip duration: 10 days Mode of travel: Bus/On foot Tour Staff & Support: Tour Guide; Driver

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