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To offer & deliver our customers unique and enriching travel experiences that reveal the true essence of Georgia, fostering long-term partnerships


Ensuring our tours respect sustainability, preserve the natural environment and local communities



Our staff with vast experience in tourism to Provide genuine and culturally immersive experiences



We blend proven experiences with new insights to showcase Georgia’s treasures and full potential, delivering exceptional inland services

To be the leading choice for groups and FIT’s seeking authentic, sustainable, and culturally-rich trips in Georgia.

With Roots That We Are Proud Of

Operating from 2004, With the right knowledge and gained experience through the years we offer full quality inland services in adventure, cultural and MICE travel throughout the country and in Transcaucasia.  Together with our committed tour guides we focus on tailor-made and experience-based tours. Spend resources in searching of authentic places, hidden adventures, and untouched cultural sites to create unforgettable hospitality.


We have developed business working with tour operators and tour agents from all over the world. . Gained experience made us experts in understanding the needs of our guests.

Where to find us

We attend international travel fairs from 2005 and can be found on travel fairs like WTM, WTM LATIN AMERICA, ITB, FITUR, TOP RESA, NYTTS, MEET THE BIDDER, KOTFA, IBTM, FIT BUENOS AIRES, etc …


Establishing long-lasting relationships with flexible terms and fostering trustworthy partnerships are core values at our company. Our tour operators are extensively trained and dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction. Our primary objective is to be proactive, punctual, and competent in meeting a wide range of specialized demands and requirements. To ensure reliable B2B relations, we provide liability insurance coverage to our partners.


Our Capabilities

We're a team of committed and experienced professionals who have been working in the hospitality industry since the 1990s. Our primary focus is to consistently understand the desires and requirements of our clients' projects and provide them with the best possible solutions.


Ensuring safety is our top priority. We conduct daily checklists to cover all crucial safety aspects for drivers and guides. Our guides, especially those leading adventure tours, receive extensive training in first aid to handle any accidents effectively. Additionally, we prioritize the personal care and attention of our customers throughout the tour experience, ensuring their comfort and well-being.

Meet The Team


Archil Rekhviashvili

Projects & Tour Manager


Nino Sirbiladze

Tour Operator


Papo Burjanadze

Tour Operator


Nino Gogoladze

Reservations Manager


Nick Erkomaishvili

Founder & CEO


Guram Klibadze

General Manager


Irina Tatanashvili



Nick Voroshilov

Transport Manager

Partner Hotels

Responsible Tourism

Support GMGA – development of quality adventure services in Georgia. Projects together with USAID ZRDA support rural communities Prectise to protect the environment Waste a& Carbon Management (use calculator) Preserve local customs and culture, habits of local communities are not disturbed! Starting Preserving uniqueness today to maintain communities unchanged as long as possible

TourCert certificate

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