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Medieval Turkey & Georgia

This study tour is for medieval architecture lovers, with undiscovered historical sites in northeast Turkey and southeast Georgia. On this trip you will explore world cultural heritage sites, along with organic cuisines of two countries. This combined tour gives an exclusive opportunity to explore Georgian early medieval architecture and frescoes stretched throughout Georgia and the northeastern part of Turkey, a former historical province of Georgia.

  • Regions: Khevsureti – Tusheti – Kakheti – Tbilisi

  • Duration: 11 nights

  • Best Season: From June to early September

  • Group Size: Up to 30

  • Food: Program provides package service of HB or FB upon request

  • Accommodation: Hotels

  • Mode of travel: Bus/On Foot

  • Activity type: Medieval culture



You will see a combination of different climates, vegetation, natural resources, a diversity of flora and fauna, beautiful gorges and valleys, and historical monuments distinguished by their sophisticated stone carving, elegant proportions and durability.

The journey will start from Trabzon – a famous political center of medieval period - and continues along the Choruh River, visiting mostly unexplored areas of northeast Turkey with impressive canyons and fortresses, passing on the way the elegant and monumental solemn churches particular to Georgian architecture. Crossing the border of Georgia in Akhaltsikhe, a well- known fortified city, you will explore the mixture of Eastern and Western cultures, based on Georgian indigenous traditions, developed and molded through history. Discover the Georgian language with its own script developing from varieties of eastern Aramaic and formed in logical style due to native tradition; explore the original ethnography and national treasures in the National Museum of Tbilisi;


Better to see it once with your own eyes then hear about it a hundred times!

  • Full Board

  • All accommodation

  • All domestic and cross-country transfers?

  • Comfortable bus service

  • Tour guide and assistant

  • First Aid Kit

  • Entrance Fees & Local Guides

  • Boarder charges

  • Air Fare

  • Insurance

  • Special Meals

  • Photographer

  • Alcoholic drinks

  • Single room supplement

  • Visa and Visa Support

  • Make sure to bring with: sun hat, sunglasses, trekking boots, proper clothing & footwear

  • We do advice also: ski poles and raincoat.

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