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Explore Real Georgia

This tour shows Georgia with its glorious past and vibrant modern life.

You will visit architectural monuments, ancient monasteries and cathedrals recognized by UNESCO as a World heritage site, explore the treasuries from pre-Christian and Christian periods, observe ethnography and many more…

  • Regions: Tbilisi – Kartli – Kakheti – Stepantsminda – Imereti - Adjara

  • Duration: 13 nights

  • Food: Full Board / Half Board

  • Accommodation: Hotel & Guesthouse

  • Best Season: From May to early October

  • Group Size: Not limited

  • Travel: Bus/Minivan

  • Main Activities: Sightseeing/Medieval Culture



Trip is planned entirely to introduce history, culture and traditions of the people who managed to preserve originality and self-identity. Georgian’s fought to maintain their independence and national integrity over the centuries.

Language - with its unique alphabet and script belonging to Caucasian group of languages, evolved from eastern Aramaic around 5th century BC. It’s placed among fourteen original alphabets around the world.

Land – Nation emerged from 8th century BC.  By uniting the indigenous tribes called Karts living south from the great Caucasus range. These people were developed in agriculture and viniculture, the Greeks called us “Georgians” from the Greek word “geos” meaning earth.


Religion –In the first half of the 4th century Christianity was adopted as the state religion. This has provided a strong sense of national identity that has helped to preserve a national identity, despite repeated periods of foreign occupation and attempted assimilation.


This tour reveals the history of Georgian art, culture, architect, religion and traditions from past to modern. As a cross-road country with mixture of European and Asian cultural influence, Georgia astonishes visitors with its unique hospitality filled with warm spirit of local people.

Tour starts with sightseeing tour of Tbilisi and continues to nearly all provinces of Georgia

 covering the World heritage sites, sacred painted churches, ancient rock-hewn cities, ethnographical and history museums.


During these 14 days you will cross Georgia from highlands of the great Caucasus range to the fertile agricultural lowlands, semi-desert monastery complexes and archaeological sites where the artifacts of the first Europeans were discovered, taste the most famous “Khvanchkara” wine and get acquaintance with exotic Georgian cuisine. 


Better to see it once with your own eyes then hear about it a hundred times!

  • Adventure
    Hidden Trails of Georgia - Trekking Georgian Mountain Mystery- Trekking Towers of Caucasus - Trekking The Mountain of Prometheus - Mountain Chaukhi Mountains – Mountain Free Wheeling in Georgia – MTB Cycle the Dreamland - MTB Gallop Through the Past – Multi Ski Touring in Gudauri- Ski Tour Ski Touring in Svaneti – Ski Tour Heli Ski/Board in Gudauri – Ski Tour
  • Culture
    Explore Real Georgia - Culture Along the Traces of Argonauts - Culture Cave Cities - Culture Along the steps of Assyrian Monks - Culture Winding the Wine Road - culture
  • Transcaucasian
    Medieval Epoch (TRK & GEO) – Culture Two early Christian Countries (GEO & ARM) - Culture Georgia Arm & AZ – Culture
  • Half/Full Board upon request

  • All accommodation

  • All domestic transfers

  • Comfortable bus service

  • Entrance Fees & Local Guides

  • Tour guide & Assistant

  • Driver

  • Mineral Water

  • Covid-19 Safety kit

  • Insurance

  • Special Meals

  • Photographer

  • Alcoholic drinks

  • PCR Tests

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