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Slow Time in Racha

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Even if you’re experienced DMC, here’s why it’s worth spending resources to explore new sites, adventure routes and destinations of Georgia.

This year we’ve organized an info tour to one of the most unexplored and untouched regions of Georgia – Racha. Located north-west, bordering Svaneti from the west, region is known for pristine nature, friendly people and endemic viticulture. The region has a huge potential of adventure and eco-tourism.

Right as we’ve entered the region, magnificent views on Shaori Lake mesmerized us. Visiting cultural sites Nikortsminda Cathedral from 10th century, Barakoni Church and one the oldest synagogue with its deep history overcome our expectations.

On the way to upper Racha local guides presented the whole adventurous potential. We’ve got familiarized with trekking trails hidden in highlands, offering an unforgettable roundtrips. Trails were full of contrasts of diverse nature, highland lakes, dense forests and unexplored caves. Simply to say, the region is remarkable and ready even for the most demanding trekkers.

We’ve evaluated not only numerous trails, but also accommodations, family wine cellars and infrastructure. We’ve tasted endemic wines like “Khvanchkara”, “Tsulukidzis Tetra” and “Aleksandrouli”. The families we’ve visited were obsessed with their own wine, culture & traditions. Keeping old hospitable attitude they’ve created a festive environment with delicious culinary and colorful views on sloping vineyards.

Explore Georgia team always strives to develop new packages to satisfy most unique demands of our customers, and, we’re sure, Racha can be next beloved destination.

Tailor made tours combining the new destination will be available on our website soon.

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