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Top Five Lakes in Georgia

#5 Tobavarchkhili Lakes

Lakes in Samegrelo region. The biggest lake in this area locates at 2650 m above sea level. To reach these alpine lakes one needs to follow the shepherds’ trails and feel the soul of the Egrisi mountain range during 7 days of trekking (50 km).

#4 Kelitsadi Lake

Located in Kazbegi municipality 3081m above the sea level is one of the highest lakes in Georgia. The top of the lake looks like a mirror - water standing still without any movement reflecting surroundings. A perfect place for travelers willing to visit truly untouched and wild nature. Getting here is only possible by foot in 3 days (24 km).

#3 Abudelauri Lakes

Three small colorful lakes - White, Blue and Green lakes of Abudelauri located in Mtskheta-Mtianeti region submersed deep into the great Caucasus Range. Getting here is only possible by foot or mountain bike. The trail from village Juta passes the alpine meadows, through Chaukhi pass at 3338 m above the sea level, exploring majestic mountain sceneries. Hike from Chaukhi massif to Abudelauri lakes needs a trekking time 7-8 hours | distance 12 KM.

This 2-day track can be the best option to run out of the city chaos and routine, as the starting point is easily reachable by car in Just 2 hours of driving.

#2 Udziro Lake

The second place is also in the Racha region, the lake which is hidden in the high mountains (2800m).To visit this gorgeous place is possible only in the summer, from June till September. Udziro Lake is a small alpine lake and its name literally translates to “bottomless”. It is a 2-day unforgettable tracking (20km) experience consisted of panoramic views on the Caucasus mountain range and great landscapes on the way.

#1 Shaori water reservoir in Racha

Shaori water reservoir is one of the most beautiful places in Racha, especially in the autumn, when surrounding colors are incredible. Traveling to Racha means passing this gorgeous place at first and leaving the first impressions about the distinctness of the region.

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