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Along the Traces of Argonauts

The tour follows the route of legendary Greek Heroes - Argonauts, who found out about treasure the Golden Fleece kept in western part of Georgia historically referred to Colchis. Pursuing the steps of Argonauts all the secrets kept in this myth will be disclosed.

  • Regions: Tbilisi – Mtskheta – Imereti – Svaneti

  • Duration: 9 nights

  • Food: Full Board

  • Accommodation: Hotel & Guesthouse

  • Best Season: From May to early October

  • Group Size: Not limited

  • Travel: Bus/Minivan

  • Main Activities: Sightseeing/Medieval Culture



Over these 10 days you will travel to western part of Georgia visiting all the famous sites of ancient Colchis connected culturally with Hellenistic world, mythical landscape of the Golden Fleece, Medea and King Aeetes. Strabo, Appian and other historians narrate this story with great inspiration, describing how the fleecy skins were used by Georgians in upper Svaneti to extract gold from the river.

Tour starts with sightseeing of Tbilisi and continues to Mtskheta the UNESCO world heritage site. The route covers Imereti province a homeland of Colchis kingdom and famous Svaneti area with its high mountains, medieval towers and gold bearing rivers.


Better to see it once with your own eyes then hear about it a hundred times!

  • Half/Full Board upon request

  • All accommodation

  • All domestic transfers

  • Comfortable bus service

  • Entrance Fees & Local Guides

  • Tour guide

  • Mineral Water

  • Covid-19 Safety Kit

  • Airfare

  • Visa or Visa Fees

  • Insurance

  • Special Meals

  • Photographer

  • Alcoholic drinks

  • PCR Tests

  • Accommodation: Hotel – 9 nights,

  • Meals: Program provides package service of HB or FB upon request

  • Trip duration: 10 days

  • Mode of travel: Bus/On foot

  • Tour Staff & Support: Tour Guide; Driver

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