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Top 3 Winter Destinations in Georgia waiting for you to be explored

Winter is just around the corner.

If you are thirsty for some healthy activities, mixed with temptations for gourmands and just a relaxed, joyful time – Georgia should be on your list.


#3 - Mt. Kazbek 5058m.

If you are interested in ski touring and ski mountaineering Mt. Kazbeg is the best choice you can make while visiting Georgia.

  • Skiing season – January – March

  • Highlights – Betlemi Hut 3691m, Stepantsminda, Gergeti Trinity Church 14th century, Gergeti glacier, Mt. Ortsveri 4258m

  • Activities – ski mountaineering, off-piste skiing, heli-skiing

Mt. Kazbek from seen from Steoantsminda
Mt.Kazbek 5058m.


#2 - Gudauri

Opened in the late 1980’s, Gudauri ski resort is the most popular winter destination for many travelers all around the world. Amazing views of high mountains, nice hotels, distance from Tbilisi(120km) – and that’s not the full list of advantages while choosing Gudauri!

  • Skiing season: January – March

  • Distance from Tbilisi: 120km/2.5-3hrs

  • Highlights: Gudauri Ski Resort, Georgian Military Highway, Cross Pass 2379m, Lomisa 9-10 century monastery, Mt. Bidara 3200m, Mt. Deda Ena 3493m

  • Available Activities: Skiing, off-piste skiing, mountaineering, ski touring, heli-skiing & snowshoeing

Trips to Gudauri: Ski Touring; Heli Skiing

View from Gudauri, Kudebi
Gudauri, Kudebi


#1 - Svaneti

Located in the Northwest of Georgia, Svaneti region is one of the most interesting places you can visit in winter. High Caucasus mountains, old culture, authentic cuisine that’s not all you can explore in this beautiful part of Georgia.

Skiing season – January – March

  • Distance from Tbilisi: 470km/7-8hrs

  • Distance from Kutaisi: 220km/4-5hrs

  • Highlights: Tetnuldi Ski Resort, Hatsvali Ski Resort, Mestia, Ushguli (UNESCO), middle aged watchtowers, Kubdari, Mt. Ushba 4710m, Mt. Tetnuldi 4858m

  • Activities: Skiing, snowshoeing, off-piste skiing, mountaineering, ski touring, heli-skiing

Trips to Svaneti: Ski Touring; Trekking;

View on Mt. Ushba 4710m.
View on Mt. Ushba 4710m.

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